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Dhokra craft is made of non-ferrous metal casting using lost-wax technique. This is an ancient craft among the oldest traditional methods of metal casting in India, for over 4000 years and is still used. Existing evidence shows that the metal craft of this Indian tribe is related to the earliest civilization i.e. Mohenjo-daro and Harappa civilization. The unique name of this Indian tribal handicraft and metal craft is derived from the tribes who were the traditional metalworkers of West Bengal and Odisha. The local name for a traditional metalsmith was "Dhokra Damar." Dhokra is more than metalwork; it's a living link to the past. Every molten drop and careful molding, through creativity, preserves the stories of older generations. Dhokra is a tribute to a history that lives on, inspiring those who see its beauty even as the creative spark flares up.The simplicity of the basic design makes the work of dhokra artisans popular in both domestic and international markets. Some highly appreciated dhokra crafts are Wildlife, religious and lamp caskets etc.