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  1. How do I sell my artwork on Dirums?
    Create your seller/artist/gallery account by filling the form, click here(Create an account), submit all your details as mentioned in the form and upload the images of your work (check How to pack and photograph your Artwork). Our team will assess your work and profile and revert to you within 48-72 working hours. Your work shall be up on the website once you have signed all the required documents sent by us which include details regarding: 
    a.Commission Percentage
    b.Terms & Conditions of Shipping, Etc.

    2. What is the criteria for becoming a seller on Dirums?
     Your work is all that matters to us. As long as it is genuine, we are happy to serve as a platform highlighting your work. However, the  verification of your work and profile will be done before displaying it on our platform.

    3. Can Artists living outside of India become sellers? 
     We welcome artists from outside India as much as we welcome the ones from within. However, they must have (an Indian Bank Account)  so that the funds can be transferred to their account instantly.If an artist wishes to get the amount of their artwork transferred to a  foreign bank account, then the extra charges applied for the transfer of the amount will be beared solely by the artist.

    4. Can I sell my artwork somewhere other than on Dirums?
     Dirums Collective Pvt. Ltd.( does not restrict the artists from selling their work on some other platforms, as long as the artist  has not signed the contract of exclusivity with Dirums. However, we do insist to not sell the same artwork(s) elsewhere if selling it on because the same artwork on multiple platforms will confuse buyers and they may opt out / not make the purchase.This will  also help the artist’s profile to maintain exclusivity and help the sale of their work not only on, but elsewhere as well.
     Even if you have uploaded the same artwork on another platform we recommend you to keep the same or a higher price as listed in our platform(
     If you have already sold the uploaded artwork elsewhere, then kindly remove it immediately from the Dirums website in order to avoid  any kind of failure to meet new orders.

    5. How will I be informed about the sale of my work?
     Since, while registering, an artist will be asked to provide contact details and they will have their profile made with us, they’ll be notified  via mail/sms upon the sale of their work. You can check the complete stats of your artwork sold, people visited and other activities  happening through your DIRUMS account’s dashboard.

    6. How will I be paid for my work?
     Payment can be done through electronic transfer or even Cash if required and permitted under the cash transaction categories.
     To know more about the protection of your transaction details, visit (Privacy Policy)

    7. When will I get the payment for my work?
      Once the buyer has received the artwork, your share of the sale shall be transferred to you within 14 working days.

    8. Who will be responsible for sending the artwork to the buyer? 
     The artworks need to be couriered by the artists themselves along with the Certificate of Authenticity provided by us, ensure that you  choose a reliable courier agency and pack the artwork professionally in order to avoid any damages during its transit. (How to pack your  Artwork)

    9.What happens if a piece is damaged during transit?
     We suggest all the sellers on Dirums to get their packaged artwork insured before getting it shipped, so that in case of any damage  during transit, they shall claim it on the shipping agency. However, if they do not get it insured, they shall solely bear the risk of any  damage to the artwork.

    10.What happens if a piece is returned?
     Returns generally happen only if the artwork does not match the images and details uploaded on the website. When an art-piece is  returned, the buyer shall be paid the refund as soon as the piece is received back by the artist/seller. If there's any genuine return  shipping charges claimed by the buyer,and the customer service department approves it will be charged from the seller’s A/C from the  next sale made by the seller via Kindly refer to our return policy for more information on returns (Return Policy
    11. How should I pack my work?
    Visit our seller support section(How to pack your Artwork) to learn how to pack the artwork before shipping.

    12. What happens to the copyright of the artists?
     The copyrights of the artwork remain reserved with the artist(s) as long as they do not transfer it to someone themselves. The buyers of    the artwork cannot claim any copyright over the artwork as long as they haven’t been transferred to them by the original artist in writing. However the buyer can sell the particular artwork which he has bought from the artist with original bill and authenticity certificate as it   is  the buyer’s property.

    13. What should be the size of the images I need to upload?
     The resolution of the images to be uploaded should be 2000 x 2000 pixels and the dpi should be 200.

    14. How do I photograph my work?
     Visit seller support(How to pack and photograph your Artwork) to learn how to photograph your work.

    15. Who will bear the cost of framing the artwork?
     We normally prefer to ship unframed artworks so that the risk of damage is minimal, but if we get any special request from the buyer for  framing the artwork it can be done on some extra charges and the buyer will have to bear the cost.

    16. How many artworks can I upload?
     There is no such limit on the number of artworks that you can upload. When you create a profile on, you can upload an  artwork any time you want to, our team will always assess your work and get in touch with you as soon as possible for documentation  purposes.

    17. What are the benefits of letting handle my Artist profile?
     If you choose to let handle your profile, the overall responsibility of photographing, uploading, packaging and shipping shall  be ours, if you send your paintings to us in time.

    18. How can I resell a painting?
     Registered buyers at can resell the artworks they have purchased provided it should have - the original artwork (not a print)  and an authenticity certificate for the same, you can resell it by visiting the resell section

    19.Is there any criteria to be fulfilled to resell a painting?
     The artwork should be original and have an authenticity certificate or other such relevant proof regarding the copyright ownership of the  artwork.

    20.How will unframed paintings be packed?
     To learn about how to pack unframed paintings, visit seller support (How to pack your Artwork)

    21. How will framed artworks be packed?
    To learn about how to pack framed paintings, visit seller support (How to pack your Artwork)

    22.Is there any registration fee for artists?
     No registration fee is charged from artists upon the creation of their profile with us.

    23. What will you do to sell my artworks?
      We have a team of dedicated professionals who will reach out to the appropriate audience for your work and market it properly to reach      a  larger number of people, who are actual buyers/collectors of art and artifacts.

    24. What happens if the artwork is not sold?
     There are chances that an artwork might not get sold, however, if the seller feels like taking it down from the website, they may do so  freely.

    25. What kinds of artwork can I sell?
    At, we accept all sorts of genuine art. From 7D sculptures to miniature arts and from modern art to tribal art. Our motto for  sellers is to provide an exquisite platform where they can showcase their artwork(s) in front of the audience which has an eye for art.

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